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Mum and Baby Yoga - New for 2020!!!!

These classes are aimed at new mums with babies from 3 months to mobile.  Mother and Baby yoga is a great way to ease yourself back into exercising as a new mother while bonding with your baby. Relax, strengthen your muscles and have fun with your baby. ... Our gentle yoga moves are designed for you and your baby to do together, so you can bond while getting fitter.



Pre-School Classes

These classes are so much fun to teach! I love how children have unlimited imagination and energy. 

These classes are short to aid concentration and use lots of props and stories.

Sometimes the class has a theme such as 'Under the Sea' or 'At the Zoo' and sometimes we simply use stories and songs they love.

Props include puppets, scarves, mermaids tails and lots more.

Parents are asked to stay for the session so they can aid the children's flexibility and movement.

30 minutes sessions will start and end in the same way each week but each session will be unique and different in theme and poses.




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Children's Class (Ages 6-11)

This mixed-age class is a 45-minute class aimed at increasing flexibility and coordination.  The children will go on a 'Yoga Journey' using their imagination to take them to the Jungle, Hawaii or Africa. They will learn more challenging poses and start to sequence them together. They will play games, work with a partner to build new poses and learn new ways to keep calm and relax.

This class too uses props and music to engage the children and make each session fun and engaging.

Parents are asked to leave their children so the children can fully concentrate and relax.


Family Yoga

This class is a 45-minute session where children and parents spend quality time together and feel connected. The aim of this class to create a sense of community. The class will include warm-up, games, and activities to connect the group. There will be lots of partner poses. It's transformative and it's always more fun to do yoga TOGETHER!


Two parents and a grandparent can come with one child or one parent and three children, every family is different.

Parents are encouraged to join in EVERYTHING. The only rule in this class is that there are no observers. This allows you to connect with your children, support and encourage them and allow them to lose their inhibitions and not feel self-conscious in any way.

Each class will have a different theme or yoga journey and we will use some props, pose cards and music!

If you want to spend more time with your family, increase fitness and teach your child new ways to relax then this is the class for you!





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